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OK HyperFans, its that time of the year again, lets get ready to have some fun!!

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Season Grand Opening

Just a reminder, the season starts  September 4th.  We have a lot of games this year, last year we had 160+ games, this year we plan to top that to 170.  If you have any favorite teams you would like to see, please let us know, we can definitely try to fit it in.

What is Predictive Fantasy Football?

At the heart of HyperFantasy Football is the most exciting evolution of TV and football.  Its really simple, as you sit there watching the game, just make the call.  You know what it should be, so get in the game, put your points where your mouth is and win big.

We have so many excited players, so come join us.  Games are for FREE right now, but once we head into the playoffs, it will be time for the big boys to play.  Money will be on the line, so pratice now and it will pay off later.

Want to know more?  Check out our How To Play Page  - it'll get you up to speed fast

Local Event Requests

We have had a lot of requests for local events, which is a little unusual for an Internet company, however, we have been working very hard in getting local sports bars and restaurants in your area to host HyperFantasy Football events.  The large guys, like Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings are all in, they just need to hear from you.  So next time you are in your favorite water hole, mention HyperFantasy and I'm sure they host events.  

We are currently negotiating HyperFantasy ONLY meal and drink specials. You are very special to the restaurants, and they want you to have a great time. Let's show them we can give them a good time.  If you need help with a local restaurant, please contact us, we have all kinds of freebies and promotional materials, just for them and you.

Event Network

Like the pros, we too have worked hard during the off-season.  We have teamed up with local and national restaurant chains to establish the HyperFantasy Event Network, where you can join other HF Gamers for a little fun, suds and wings.  If you would like more inforamtion, please check out the partners section of our website.  We have worked on this for 2 years, its looking like a real winner, come join us!

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Quick Demo

See us in action! Check out our quick game videos on YouTube.