HyperFantasy Football

Simple explanation for a Great, Fun Game

The Game

hyperfantasy game on ipad - best game ever

HyperFantasy Football is a simple, fun and quick game you play with your friends while you watch the game. Call the play, pass, run, touchdown, anything and everything goes!

Playing is easy, find a live game and join in. Don't worry, its really simple and you will understand it by the second play, we promise - we made it that simple.

For the rest of you that need a more detailed explanation, please see our How To Play Page

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Game-Day Parties

Well, HyperFantasy Football lets you show just how much of a fan you are, to you, to your friends and the rest of the world. Go on, get in the game and take center stage.

hyperfantasy party at sports bar hooters

Play at home, or with friends at a party, or at your favorite sports bar, HyperFantasy is portable, and works on any Internet connected device.

hyperfantasy party at sports bar hooters

Get in the Game!